Modular boiler water pump


Modular boiler water pump

NP series modular boiler pump
Recommended model : NP190
Application system:

Modular boiler

Applicable media:


Industry characteristics:

Provide a stable high pressure source for high temperature circulating water, the flow rate is accurately adjustable, stable and reliable.

Product description
Product features

flow: 0.2ml/rev~26ml/rev(2ml/min-65000ml/min)

The pressure difference of 42 and 51 series can reach 20Bar in the case of water delivery, and the maximum system pressure can reach 100Bar; the pressure difference of 60 and 98 series can reach 30-50Bar in the case of water delivery, and the system pressure can reach up to 100Bar.

Working speed:1~4000rpm

Working temperature range -120~150 degrees Celsius 

The viscosity range of the transported liquid is 0.25~10000cps, and it can run dry to a certain extent and transport gas-liquid two-phase liquid

With water as the medium, it can work continuously for more than 20,000 hours under the condition of differential pressure above 10Bar; the pressure below 5Bar can work continuously for more than 30,000 hours. 

Measurement accuracy up to 0.3%

The flow is stable and there is no pulsation, and it can directly form a high-precision closed-loop control system with the flowmeter

In dry operation, the inlet self-priming height can reach 4 meters (please consult the manufacturer for specific working conditions)

Inlet vacuum -0.85Bar can run stably (please consult the manufacturer for specific working conditions)

The pump adopts magnetic drive without leakage

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Suofu Modular Boiler Water Pump Features

High and low temperature resistance

NP series modular boiler water pumpThe temperature resistance is in-120~150℃between


High pressure resistance

NP series miniature magnetic gear pump adopts magnetic drive design, and the whole pump has no dynamic seal,There is no risk of dynamic seal failure except for the O-ring static seal. The NP series has a special cavity design that can adapt to a wide range of outlet pressure changes, whether it is low pressure, high pressure, or short-term reversal.

42 series modular boiler water pump: inlet and outlet pressure difference can reach 20Bar; The pump body can withstand pressure up to 30Bar-100bar (customized)   

51/60/98/106 series modular boiler water pump: inlet and outlet pressure difference can reach 40-50 Bar or above; The pump body can withstand up to 70Bar of pressure


The gear used by the NP series module boiler pump is PEEK engineering plastic material of high-performance special filling material, and the working tooth surface adopts high-precision one-time injection molding process without mechanical processing. The process of one-time injection molding greatly increases the process difficulty and manufacturing cost, but it ensures the complete and dense structure of the gear face, and improves the wear resistance and life of the gear.

The high-precision industrial zirconia ceramic shaft used by the NP series module boiler pump has superior wear resistance and rigidity, which ensures the stability of the pump work under wear liquid and high pressure conditions and improves the life of the product.

The special gear profile design of Sauvage's patented technology provides excellent wear resistance for the gear of the modular boiler pump, and the almost pure rolling gear meshing feature minimizes the wear of the gear during operation.

Corrosion resistance

The whole series of NP series module boiler pump are the independent patented technical products of SOfu, which can be customized according to different working conditions of different materials of module boiler pump to meet the use of module boiler pump in different systems.

Pump material: 316L stainless steel/Hastelloy/titanium alloy/other types of alloy /PEEK polymer material[high strength, corrosion resistance, wide temperature range]

Bearing/gear materials: PEEK engineering plastics (single injection molding) with high-performance special filling materials [Excellent self-lubrication, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, enhance the adaptability of the pump and improve the service life of the product.]

High precision industrial zirconia ceramics [High precision zirconia ceramics have very high anti-wear, anti-oxidation, high strength, high hardness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight and other advantages, is an excellent gear shaft material.]

Magnetic drive material: PPS or PVDF plastic fully covered rare earth magnet [PPS plastic fully covered 150℃ high temperature rare earth magnetic drive, for the pump to deliver continuous strong torque.]

Sealing material: Fluorine rubber (FKM)/ethylene propylene terene rubber (EPDM)/Teflon (PTFE)/fluorine silicone rubber (FVMQ)/Neoprene rubber (CR) /PTFE energy storage sealing ring  [a variety of materials optional, suitable for a variety of corrosive liquids, greatly reducing the risk of leakage.


Magnetic drive without leakage

The NP series modular boiler pump products use magnetic couplings to eliminate the leakage risk and maintenance costs of traditional dynamic seals.


Low noise

At 2000rpm, the noise of NP series module boiler pump products is between 45dB and 75dB.

Helical gear can be selected for conditions requiring high noise.

Strong self-suction

In the case of full dry operation, the self-priming height of the NP series module boiler pump inlet can reach 4 meters, and the vertical suction height of 8.2 meters water column.

Long service life

In clean media, the NP series modular boiler pump can be used for more than 20,000 hours

It can run dry for a long time

In many applications that require self-priming, it is of no practical value if the pump can only run dry for a short time. The dry running time of imported pumps of the same type is very short, generally measured in seconds or minutes, and the dry running time of NP series products can reach 100 hours at the appropriate speed.

In applications where the inlet vacuum of the pump is used to draw the medium into the pump, the NP series provides assured dry run performance, and the pump will not be damaged by dry run during self-priming.

Outlet pressure difference is stable, no pulsation

Compared with the plunger type and diaphragm type modular boiler pump, the NP series magnetic gear pump has a stable flow rate and no pulsation, which can be easily used to form a closed-loop control system with various flowmeters.

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