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106 Series—NP2600

Patented product

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106 Series—NP2600

Flow Rate:0~65L/min
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SUOFU NP Series micro magnetic gear pump only has O-ring static seals, and there is no leak-prone dynamic seals. Gears and bearings are in special reinforced  PEEK™ while shafts are in high-precision ceramic. One-time injection-molded gears, and special gear style designs with independent intellectual property rights to guarantee that SUOFU NP series pump has ultra-long service life and abrasion resistance.It is ideal for small-flow, high-pressure and pulseless applications requiring excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.

A high-quality SUOFU NP series micro magnetic gear pump, which has the advantages of High Pressure, High Performance,Proven Reliability, Pulseless, Abrasion Resistance,Chemically Resistant, Strong Self-priming, Strong Dry Running Ability and Longer Service Life. The core design of the product is SUOFU's independent patented technology, and the whole NP series has obtained the EU CE certification, ROHS certification, and the factory has passed ISO9001:2015 certification,REACH certification.


Features of NP Series Pump Configuration

Special Gear Style Design

The special gear style design provides excellent abrasion resistance for the gear, and the almost purely rolling gear meshing minimizes wear while the gear is running.

Special Cavity Style Design

Adapt to a wide range of changes in outlet pressure, no matter low pressure, high pressure or short time reversal.

Pulseless Outlet Pressure

High precision parts processing and configuration design guarantee smooth delivery of liquids.

One-Time Injection-Molded Gears

The surface of the gear adopts high-precision one-time injection-molded processing, without mechanical processing, which guarantees the construct integrity and compact of it, and improves the abrasion resistance and service life of the gear.

High-precision Ceramic Shafts

High-precision ceramic shafts with super abrasion resistance and toughness which guarantees the pump works smoothly under abrasive liquids and high pressure working conditions,and improves the service life of pumps.

Self-Priming For Long Dry Running

In applications requiring pump`s inlet vacuum to suck liquids into pump.NP Series provides reliable dry running ability without damaging the pump due to dry operation during self-priming.


Various Motors Are Available

There are various options for you,such as,AC Explosion Proof Motor, AC Frequency conversion Motor, Single Phase / Three-phase AC Motor, DC Brushed/Brushless DC Motor, Built-in Drive Brushless DC Motor, Built-in Drive Shielded Brushless DC motor and etc.

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Product Description


Flow Rate:0~65L/min

Working Speed:1-3500rpm

Temperature Range:-120-150℃

Wet lift with water:-0.85Bar(Related to working speed )

Differential Pressure:It is 15-20bar when transporting water.The system pressure is 25-40bar

Lifespan:The max lifespan of pump can exceed 20,000 hours at 10bar in clean medium.It will be much longer when the  presure is lower 10bar.

Inlet Filter:400 Mesh is best

Inlet Vacuum:-0.85Bar(Related to woking speed)

Working Noise:<75dB at 2000rpm(Spur gear)

Continuous Dry Time:For a long time.(More details consult company)

Standard Ports:NPT1".Other options are also available.

Size OF Pump Body


Pump Body/Press Plate,Magnetic Cover:SS316,Hastelloy,Special Plastics,Other Alloys

Gear:High-quality and specially filled PEEK or Ceramics

Magnetic Drive:Rare-earth elements entirely enclosed by PPS

Bearing:Specially filled PEEK

Shaft:High-precision zirconia ceramic


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106 Series—NP2600
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